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What Are Your Divorce and Custody Concerns?


"I Want to Get Divorced."

Wanting to get divorced is just the start, when and how to go about it should be carefully considered as planning to a divorce can make for substantially better results. Our Fort Collins divorce attorneys can answer your questions and will be by your side advising you every step throughout the process.


"I Just Got Served."

If you have been served with divorce papers a legal process has been initiated and your response is required or you risk facing default where the other side will win whatever they ask for. Educate yourself and take affirmative action to protect your rights. Our Fort Collins divorce attorneys will look to protect your rights.


"I Need to Establish Custody."

Establishing custody for the first time will set the precedent for a long time to come. Many details will need to be addressed for the first time, such as a parenting plan and child support. Our Fort Collins child custody attorneys can help you establish custody for the first time, the right way.


"I Want to Modify Custody Orders."

Child Custody orders need to be modified as the child ages and circumstances change as most parenting plans are designed to last around two years before needing to be modified. If the parents are in agreement a stipulated parenting plan will need to be drafted, signed by the parties, and filed with the Court. If there is not complete agreement then a motion to modify should be filed. Our Fort Collins child custody attorneys can help you modify child custody orders to suit your needs.


"I Want to Relocate with my Child."

Child relocation is a very serious matter in most family law cases and should be carefully throughout in advance. If you are moving to or from Colorado with children, or even within Colorado, you may have various legal options to best suit your needs. Our Fort Collins child relocation lawyers can help those who have moved to Colorado enforce and modify existing orders as well as help you relocate with your child.

The Cossitt Difference: Fort Collins Divorce Attorneys That Care

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