Vacation Time Parenting Plan Fort Collins, Colorado

We all need time away from the same old routine to get out and explore the world.  Some families have regularly schedule vacation time they take every year, and such circumstances are easily included in a parenting plan.  However, most parents wish for flexibility in exercising vacation time parenting plans, and a carefully crafted parenting time schedule will ensure you can plan and enjoy your vacation with ease.

A proper vacation time parenting plan should address vacation parenting time that is in the best interests of the child.  Therefore, the child’s age, regular and holiday parenting time schedules should be taken into account.  Young children should generally not be away from a primary parent for long periods of time, as frequent contact is important to young children.

The duration and frequency are two obvious matters to designate, but there are many other details to address as well. A well-crafted vacation time parenting plan will resolve disputes before they happen by designating how vacation time parenting plan should be selected and which parent has priority in any given year.

Some parents wish to travel internationally, and some parts of the world are dangerous for anyone to visit, especially for us Americans.  If international travel with your children is expected, then parents should consider a prohibition on travel to locations listed on the US State Department’s website that lists alerts and travel warnings, see:

Due to Covid-19, your safety is our main concern. We offer remote consultations, call us at (970) 488-1887 to schedule a free consultation today.

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