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The 5 Steps for Planning Divorce in Private

Planning for a divorce in private can seem overwhelming when you first start your research and preparation. Planning can help provide peace of mind and reduce stress as you move through the process. While our Fort Collins divorce attorneys already provide tips and suggestions for pre-divorce planning, we would like to offer some additional insights if you are planning for divorce in private during Colorado’s Stay at Home and Safe at Home Order.

Note: If you are interested in a confidential or private divorce proceeding then consider these options for a private divorce, a common option for high net worth and asset individuals.

The 5 Steps for Planning Your Divorce in Private

  1. When you are conducting divorce research, use an incognito browser so your browsing history may not be viewable by other users. For instructions on how to browse in private on Google, click this link.


  1. Set up a new email account and keep it private! Logout of any shared devices and ensure your emails are not viewable from devices that are easily accessible within your household. Consider using an incognito or private browser when accessing your private email as you plan for your divorce.


  1. Ensure you have access to all shared bank accounts, insurance, shared retirement, and mortgage accounts. You will want access to this information once you decide to move forward. Consider using your new private email for saving financial information while you plan for your divorce in private.


  1. Plan in confidence. Be careful who you discuss your marital problems and pending divorce with. Some family members or friends may betray your confidence and disclose more than they should during these troubling times without realizing it. Rely on the support of those you trust most and do not disclose more until you are ready and have spoken with an attorney.


  1. Fill out an inquiry form and schedule a consultation all by email. At the Cossitt Law Firm, we understand that privacy and discretion can be of upmost importance when you are planning for a divorce. We will always ask for your preferred method of contact, if you can only contact us via email- no problem! We can have you fill out an inquiry, answer important questions regarding your circumstances, and schedule a consultation all by email. Fill out a contact form by clicking here.

How our Fort Collins Divorce Attorneys Can Help You Plan for Divorce

As a client you are in control of the goals of representation for your divorce. As your divorce attorney we will craft and implement the strategy to best achieve your goals. Your divorce attorney will work with you to plan how to best prepare for and file for divorce, while also planning to inform your spouse in a manner that is tailored to your circumstances. Your divorce attorney will present options on how to best start the divorce process, and you will decide which option is best to inform your spouse of the divorce. Learn more about how your divorce can be resolved here.

What can you expect from your Free Consultation? 

You will speak with one of our experienced attorneys directly. They will assess your situation and provide feedback regarding strategy for your case. Whatever you discuss with your Fort Collins divorce attorney rest assured it will be kept in strict confidence pursuant to the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct. If you decide to retain a divorce attorney for your separation we will help you plan and ensure that your best interests are kept at heart while offering support and guidance throughout the divorce process. Fill out our brief contact form to schedule your free consultation today.


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