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  1. 2 Houses: allows both parents to view a joint calendar. Expenses can be entered and parents can sort out who will pay for what related to their children. The journal on the app also allows both parents to share information about the children. An information bank gives both parents access to details such as phone numbers, immunization records, shoe size, etc
  2. Baby Connect: keeps track of a child's feedings, diapers, sleep, medicines, and activities between multiple users who may be taking care of the child.
  3. In Between: allows you to find a midpoint (hotels, parks / recreation, restaurants, etc.) between two locations. This may be helpful for parents who live far away from each other - e.g. to pick the exchange location for parenting time.
  4. Our Family Wizard: includes a calendar, journal, message board, expense log, info bank for storage of family information, and a notification center. Parents can utilize this app to share messages, communicate regarding expenses, and update each other about the child's appointments, without having to involve the child as a messenger.
  5. Shared Calendar: store work shifts, child custody days, or any other repeating pattern. Manage a child's schedule and set permissions (read only, read-write) between multiple users. Calendar can be viewed on the web or app.

PLEASE NOTE: these lists are provided in alphabetical order, and the Court does not endorse or recommend one site, program, or app over any other. With new parenting tools being created on a regular basis, this is not a comprehensive list. The Court encourages the parties to search the web themselves for alternatives.


Books for Adults

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Books for Children

  • Blume, Judy. It's Not the End of the World. Delacorte Books for Young Readers, Reprint Edition 2010
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