Parenting Time for Uncommon Work Schedules

Is an uncommon work schedule hindering your parenting time? Most common parenting schedules you find online assume both parents work a classic Monday through Friday, 9-5 schedule, or at the very least a seven day work schedule. If you are a paramedic, firefighter or the like, however, you may work on a 9, 18 or 21 day rotating cycle.firefighter

A non-traditional schedule does not designate a need to sacrifice quality time with your children because of a rigid, non-customized parenting schedule. The experienced family law attorneys at the Cossitt Law Firm can help you navigate this process and provide creative solutions that are tailored to you and your family’s needs. We can help you get ahead of vacation and holiday schedules in the process to avoid future headaches as the busy holiday season approaches.

Below is a sample “non-traditional” rotating parenting schedule.

Sample Customized Schedule

Below is a two rotation schedule that combines three and four day blocks, in addition to single days.

Rotation One: 4-3-1-3 Mother has four days of parenting time; Father has the next three days; Mother has one day; Father has one day. Mother’s time begins with the first day of her four day off period.

Rotation Two: 3-4-1-1 Mother has three days; Father has the next four days; Mother has one day; Father has one day. Mother’s time begins with the first day of Rotation One.This schedule allows for equal time between the parents, while also accommodating an 18 day rotating schedule.


A skilled family law attorney can find inventive solutions regardless of the complexity of the parent’s work schedule, even dynamic work schedules. If your work and parenting time schedule is not working well for you and your children contact us today to arrange a meeting to discuss your family needs.

Due to Covid-19, your safety is our main concern. We offer remote consultations, call us at (970) 488-1887 to schedule a free consultation today.

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