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Pre-divorce planning is about making wise decisions as it can assist you in identifying all of the potential issues you may encounter going through the process thereby allowing you to position yourself for a favorable resolution. Our Fort Collins divorce attorneys can assist you in identifying each issue that will need to be addressed including: property division, maintenance, and any child custody issues before the divorce process is initiated.

The emotional toll on each spouse can be greatly reduced when by planning for a divorce. If children are involved our Fort Collins family law attorneys can suggest ways to keep the children’s best interests at the forefront by crafting an appropriate parenting plan.

Protecting one’s finances through a divorce is a priority to many, and those facing a high asset divorce in Colorado should ensure their attorney is experienced in identifying and valuing the assets.

For those who can agree on all issues with their spouse prior to filing for divorce an uncontested divorce should be considered where all settlement agreements are entered into contemporaneously with the filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage.

High profile individuals contemplating divorce may wish to keep matters private. By planning for divorce in advance of filing the petition for dissolution of marriage individuals may be able to keep their divorce from becoming a media circus by pursuing a private divorce.

Exit Plan

  1. Will you need a PO Box to ensure your mail is not being intercepted;
  2. The decision to stay or to move out of the marital home can have implications if children are involved;
  3. Personal items may be gathered and relocated in advance of filing for divorce, but they will still need to be disclosed;
  4. You may set up new bank accounts to maintain your own finances;
  5. Passwords should be changed for email, banking, and any other account that may contain sensitive information;
  6. Social media can be used against you, so you will want to review who can see what on any accounts you may have;
  7. Preserving potential evidence to help your case should be considered as some types of evidence like text messages may not be recoverable in the future;
  8. Gather information relating to the children such as contact information for healthcare providers and teachers;
  9. Know what assets exist gather copies of current or recent statements;
  10. Know what potential liabilities may exist, such as credit cards and lines of credit, and consider ensuring you’ll have access to the same in the future;
  11. Understand your monthly expenses as they currently exist and budget for living separately;
  12. Have a support system ready to help, include family and friends and consider seeing a therapist while going through the process;

This list does not address all of the ways to prepare as each case is unique. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to discuss your legal matter with one of our experienced Fort Collins family law attorneys today.

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