High Conflict Custody Attorneys in Fort Collins and Greeley

High Conflict Custody Attorneys in Fort Collins and Greeley

A skilled high conflict child custody attorney can manage and reduce conflict and stress when establishing or modifying parenting time and decision making. High conflict custody can include claims of alienation and child endangerment, disputes over the regular parenting time, vacation and holiday parenting time, communications, and much more. When conflict is high the children can suffer, both in the short term and the long run. Reducing high conflict custody disputes should be a priority to every parent.

What Causes High Conflict Custody?

High conflict custody can be a result of the initial separation as the parents are navigating their way to find their new normal, and may be driven by fear or anxiety. When child custody is first established in Colorado each parent is required to take a co-parenting class; this co-parenting class should be taken by each parent as soon as is possible, as they should learn healthy ways to co-parent.

What Can Help High Conflict parents and Children?

Establishing detailed temporary orders for parenting time and decision making can help reduce high conflict custody. A highly detailed Parenting Plan, even on a temporary basis, can help reduce conflict because ambiguities should be limited and everyone should be clear as to what each parent needs to do and when.

What Could Help My High Conflict Court Case?

Involving a custody evaluator, such as a parental responsibilities evaluator (PRE) or child and family investigator (CFI) can help investigate claims of high conflict custody. At the conclusion of their investigation, usually lasting three months, the custody evaluator will provide their recommendations for parents in high conflict custody disputes.

What if the Other Parent Does Not Follow Family Law Orders?

When a Court Order is not being followed the enforcement of the parent’s rights can help reduce conflict. There are many options when a parent is not following court orders, such as filing a motion concerning parenting time disputes, also known as a motion to enforce parenting time orders, as well as putative or remedial contempt. The best remedy when a parent is not following the court order will depend on the facts and circumstances of your case.

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation is a term that is often used incorrectly. True parental alienation is significant and damaging. Learn more about parental alienation here. Our high conflict custody attorneys are experienced with parental alienation.

What Education Could Help Improve my High Conflict Custody Co-Parenting?

Co-parenting is generally the preferred method for sharing custody, and education can help improve poor co-parenting. While each parent in Colorado must attend a mandatory parenting class regardless of the level of conflict, there are additional educational opportunities beyond the standard class. A Level II Co-Parenting Class should be considered when there is high conflict custody. A Level II Co-Parenting Class requires both parents to attend, and usually consists of three sessions that are designed to improve co-parenting.

What are my Options to Co-Parenting in my High Conflict Custody?

When co-parenting is not an option, parallel parenting should be considered. Parallel parenting is designed to reduce communication and contact between the parents, with the intent of reducing conflict. Learn more about how parallel parenting plans can benefit the parents and the children involved in high conflict custody.

Can I Move Away With my Children?

Relocating with your child away from the other parent can be considered as a way to reduce the conflict in high conflict custody cases. Child relocation can often by itself lead to increased conflict in custody cases, as one parent moving with the child across the country is life changing for everyone involved. Learn more about child relocation and how our high conflict custody attorney can help here.

Could Child Therapy Help my Child in High Conflict Custody?

Child counselors or therapists should be made available to children who are in high conflict custody. However, when major decision making is joint or shared by the parents, each parent must agree to enroll the child in counseling. When a child needs counseling because of the high conflict between their parents or for other reasons both parent should agree and enroll the child with a professional. However, when one parent denies enrolling the child in counseling when counseling is needed then modifying from joint decision making to sole decision making should be considered.

Can a Family Law Attorney Help my High Conflict Custody Case?

If you find yourself and your children involved in a high conflict custody dispute, you should consider taking action quickly, before your children suffer any more. Contact one of our high conflict custody attorneys and learn how we can help reduce and manage the conflict.

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