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Greeley Family Law Attorney

Child Custody, Child Relocation & Divorce Lawyer in Greeley, Colorado

At The Cossitt Law Firm, we understand the challenges associated with going through a divorce. Things become even more complex when children are part of the divorce. As a trusted Greeley family law attorney, we have the experience to handle all aspects of divorce, including child custody negotiations. 

Our family law attorney in Greeley understands that it can be a lonely feeling going through a divorce. Generally, people who come to us and who need the help of our family law attorney in Greeley, CO, know that they may not receive fair treatment in the divorce proceedings without having a legal representative on their side. 

We are ready to stand with you and help you through all the legal and emotional ramifications of this process.

Why Choose The Cossitt Law Firm As Your Family Law Attorney in Greeley, CO

As mentioned earlier, all our team members focus on being a family law attorney and on that area of the law. This gives us the ability to truly meet the needs of our clients. You can trust that our Greeley family law attorney will not ever have to guess about how to proceed in your case or about state law related to family situations. We have an intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations regarding family law in Colorado. We know which steps to take in your case every time, even when complexities arise.

Our Family Law Attorney in Greeley Has Decades of Experience

Our team, led by Tom Cossitt, always prepares thoroughly for divorce negotiations. But we also are ready to take the divorce case to trial when negotiations do not result in the desired outcome or when your ex-spouse’s legal team is purposefully trying to sabotage negotiations. We put our decades of practicing family law to your benefit, and we use our emphasis on preparation to always be ready for any odd situations that arise in your family law case.

We Listen to Your Wants, Needs, and Goals

Through our decades of experience serving clients in Greeley, we know the importance of giving you our full attention at all times. You can count on us to listen to your story and to use it to help to craft our strategy. If we do not understand what you want to accomplish with the divorce proceedings or with your child custody hearing, we will have very little chance of helping you achieve your goals. In fact, one of our slogans is “Your goals, our strategy.”

Our family law attorney in Greeley, CO, knows that discussing some aspects of your marriage and subsequent decision to seek a divorce may be uncomfortable or embarrassing. We want you to feel like you can fully trust us. We are not going to judge why you are in this situation. We simply want to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Trustworthiness is key for us to be able to represent you successfully. 

We Focus on the Facts in Your Case

Throughout our decades of service to clients who need our family lawyer, we crafted many different strategies that proved successful in the past for our clients. However, you can rest assured that we will not simply roll out an old strategy and try to make it fit your situation. We need to give you a specific strategy that focuses on your situation and on the facts in your case. This takes time and effort on our part, but because we know the importance of giving you a strategy tailored to your needs, we are ready to serve you.

We Do Not Back Down From Tough Situations

Divorce negotiations and hearings are rarely clean and simple. If you and your ex-spouse did not agree about important things during your marriage, these hard feelings and disagreements may spill over to the negotiations. Because we take the time to learn what is most important for you to accomplish in the divorce negotiations, we are able to clearly represent your needs and desires in the case. 

Sometimes, your ex-spouse’s representatives are going to try to stretch the truth or argue that you are asking for an unfair settlement. Trust that we will not allow the other side to perpetuate lies about you. We will stand up for your rights and for your reputation. 

We take pride in being able to defend you and to stand by your side when things are tough. To discuss your case, contact The Cossitt Law Firm today.

As a Trusted Family Lawyer in Greeley, We Focus on Family Law

Although many law firms may try to convince you that they can handle divorce proceedings, child custody hearings, and other aspects of family law successfully, this is not always the case. If these other law firms only dabble in family law, they are going to struggle to truly serve your needs and to defend your rights, especially if the case has significant complexities associated with it. When you hire our Greeley family law attorney, you can feel confident that we focus solely on family law. With our experience and dedication to this area of the law, count on our family lawyer in Greeley to give you the highest possible level of representation in all situations.

Our Greeley Family Law Attorney Practice Areas

We focus on several areas of family law, ensuring that we can serve the needs of our clients from the start of the case to the conclusion.

Divorce Law in Greeley

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, this is only the first of many steps required to move through and complete the divorce proceedings. We are able to help with each of these steps, ensuring they follow all legal requirements while protecting your rights all the way through the process. For example, we work to make sure any alimony payment decisions fit under Colorado Revised Statute Title 14 rules. When we are representing you, count on us to negotiate:

  • Division of property
  • Child custody rules
  • Spousal support amounts
  • Child support amounts
  • Child visitation rules

Some divorce cases have odd situations associated with them, such as deciding whether certain property items should be part of the division of property. If we can prove that you brought a certain piece of property into the marriage and owned it yourself prior to the marriage, our team will work to help you keep that item out of the division of property decision. We know how to help with all unusual situations related to divorce.

Child Custody Law in Greeley

Child custody decisions are among the most difficult for divorcing couples to make. Typically, both parents want to be able to spend as much time with the kids as possible. At the same time, the parents may not completely trust each other to care for the kids properly. Consequently, trying to come up with a fair agreement that satisfies both parties is extremely challenging.

When it comes to child custody, your ex-spouse may attempt to lie about how you treat the children or about what kinds of living arrangements you will have, all in an effort to gain the upper hand in the child custody decision. Our Greeley family law attorney will vigorously stand up for your rights in a situation like this. We do not take these accusations lightly when your ex-spouse is trying to paint your parenting skills in a bad light. Our child custody lawyer in Greeley will fight hard to make sure you are able to have the best possible relationship with your children.

Child Relocation Law in Greeley

Even after we are able to settle your divorce and child custody situations, we may have to revisit the decisions down the road and consider some changes. One of the most frequent reasons for needing to change the original agreement about child custody is because one parent needs to move and wants to take the children to the new location.

Whether you are the parent who needs to move, or you are the parent who is remaining at your current location, our Greeley family law attorney is ready to work on a new child custody agreement on your behalf. We know how stressful and emotional it can be for the parents and kids when one parent is moving, but you can count on our team to stick to the facts, rather than allowing emotions affect our quality of work and our ability to represent you to the best of our abilities.

FAQ: Common Questions Clients Have for Our Greeley Family Law Attorney

Another source of pride for our team is our promise that, once you hire us, we will always be available to answer your questions. Some of the most common questions we receive – and our answers – are here, so you can see how we handle certain aspects of family law cases and divorce cases.

Under Colorado law, if one spouse wants the divorce to happen – and as long as that spouse meets the state’s residency requirements to file divorce – the divorce can happen. Our Greeley family law attorney cannot stop the divorce from happening. However, we can defend your rights during the divorce proceedings and help you respond to the divorce papers in a proper manner, including properly filling out forms that the Colorado Judicial Branch requires.

As an abandonment divorce lawyer, we are able to help with this type of case. You may not know where your spouse now is living, which complicates the process of serving divorce papers. However, our family law attorney in Greeley, CO, knows how to work around this situation, allowing you to move forward with your divorce.

High asset divorce situations are extremely complex. These can lead to hard feelings about the division of the finances on both sides, resulting in accusations flying back and forth. Our family lawyer in Greeley has the experience to handle high asset divorces. We fight hard to protect the assets you want to keep after the divorce. We also know how to keep news about the divorce out of the public eye by avoiding formal court proceedings for as long as possible.

Yes. When we are negotiating with your ex-spouse’s representatives regarding the division of property, spousal support payments, and child support payments, we need to have an accurate portrayal of both parties’ financial situation. We can help you produce the required documents.

If you believe your spouse is telling lies about you, attempting to hurt your chances of receiving a favorable outcome in child support and child custody decisions, our Greeley family law attorney can help. We will work hard to force your ex-spouse to be truthful about all aspects of the marriage. If we need to obtain testimony and explanations from neutral third parties, we will do this to help your case.

We strive to keep our clients informed at every step. We never want you to be guessing about where your case stands, which is why we are constantly available for consultations with our clients and for any questions they may have.

Count on The Cossitt Law Firm As Your Trusted Greeley Family Law Attorney

Divorce is not an easy process. It becomes far more challenging, however, when you are trying to represent yourself. Nothing in Colorado divorce law requires you to hire a family lawyer in Greeley to represent you, but our knowledge of the legal ramifications of divorce and child custody may give you an advantage in negotiations. We know how to attempt to make your hopes and expectations for the outcome in the divorce proceedings a reality.

If your ex-spouse retained a family lawyer, you could be at a significant disadvantage trying to protect your rights on your own without legal representation. Sure, your ex-spouse’s family law attorney can make sure the divorce outcome and filings meet all of Colorado’s legal requirements, but that attorney will not be protecting your rights. (In fact, your ex-spouse’s attorney will be actively doing the opposite.) 

Hiring our family law attorney in Greeley ensures you have an advocate standing up for you. To discuss your case, contact The Cossitt Law Firm as soon as possible.

The Cossitt Difference: Fort Collins Divorce Attorneys That Care

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