Sworn Financial Statement for Divorce in Colorado | Finance Disclosure in Divorce

Every divorce and child custody case in the State of Colorado requires each party to file a sworn financial statement and to exchange mandatory financial disclosures. Parties in domestic relations cases owe one another a full and accurate disclosure of their financial situations such that an equitable determination of child support, maintenance (more commonly known as alimony) and property division in divorces.

Sworn Financial Statement

This sworn financial statement document and its accompanying supplemental forms attempts to account for all financial elements likely material to a domestic relations case. This includes but is not limited to each party’s:

  • monthly income
  • household expenses
  • real property
  • liquid assets
  • business interests
  • debts
  • retirement accounts and investments
  • any other miscellaneous assets

How these various financial pieces are calculated and documented to accurately and comprehensively reflect a person’s financial status at a particular point in time can be a complex process.

16.2 Financial Disclosures in Divorce

In conjunction with the sworn financial statement and supplemental forms discussed above, each party has a duty to exchange with the other financial documentation in support of the financial elements outlined in the sworn financial statement. Depending on the stage of the parties’ dissolution process, being pre or post-decree, and whether minor children or a determination of child support are at issue in your case, the requirements may vary for which disclosures are mandated by the rules of disclosure.

Working with us

As attorneys who only practice in the area of Family Law, we are here to help you navigate this complex mandatory disclosure process. We will analyze your case and its issues, identifying the documentary disclosures and information you will be required to submit specific to your case matter. We can also protect you from inadvertent disclosures of financial materials you are not under a duty to submit. As the documentation and information gathered can be quite extensive, we can also help to organize and submit the materials in accordance with the Court’s established practices.

When the Standard Disclosures are Not Enough

While the standard disclosures are designed to capture all financial elements that are likely material to a full resolution of all matters, there may be a need for additional financial documents. Additional financial documents can be procured via discovery which can take many different forms. You can learn more about the discovery here or by scheduling a consultation with one of our Fort Collins divorce and family law attorneys.]

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