Name Restoration in Colorado

Name restoration in Colorado is a relatively straightforward legal process. At the time of Marriage, many people choose to change their names by either hyphenating their surname or by taking on the surname of their spouse. When a couple goes through a Divorce or Legal Separation in Colorado one may consider whether to restore their previous name. For various and personal reasons, people may be hesitant to change their names. In some instances, a person has carried their married name for many years and their personal and professional identities are tied to those names. In other instances, a person may not want to have a different surname from that of their children. For many, however, the restoration of a previous or maiden name is empowering and provides a symbol of transition away from their previous life and the beginning of a new one.

When Can You Pursue Name Restoration?

At the Time of Dissolution of Marriage

When a couple goes through a Divorce or Legal Separation in Colorado, the Court allows each Party to designate whether they want their previous name to be restored at the time a Decree is entered by the Court. This is the easiest process for restoring a prior name.

After the Decree of Dissolution has been entered

What if a person decides to restore their previous name after the Final Decree has already been entered by the Court? Until recently, the process to undergo a name change after a Decree had been entered was more complicated and followed the process required under civil law for anyone wishing to undergo a name change. This process required not only a background check but also the publication of the person’s name.

In September of 2016, this process changed with Colorado House Bill 16-1085. Under the new law, a person who has gone through a Divorce or Legal Separation may file a Motion with the Court requesting that their previous name be restored. No public notification of the person’s name change is required.

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