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You do not have to say “I do” to be married in Colorado.

Pursuant to C.R.S. § 14-10-101, the State of Colorado recognizes Common Law Marriage. A legal marriage is established through Common Law when two parties demonstrate their intent to share their lives as husband and wife and present to the world as a married couple. Hiring a common law marriage attorney in the Fort Collins area is the best way to navigate the unique complexities of a separation.

The status of being Common Law married is the same as being married with a ceremony and has serious legal implications. Simply because a couple never formalized their marital relationship through a ceremony or marriage license does not release the parties from their marital status or their legal obligations should they choose to separate. A common law marriage attorney in Fort Collins can clarify the exact legal nature of your relationship and develop a solution based on your unique needs.

When a Common Law marriage ends, the parties must undergo a legal dissolution of marriage process and obtain a formal decree of dissolution of marriage from a Court of law just as if they had married through traditional and formal means. With the help of a Fort Collins common law marriage attorney, couples can establish a successful division of assets. The implications of this legal status are such that without a decree of dissolution issued by a Court, any future marriages by either party will be considered invalid.

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