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Establishing official child custody orders through the family court can be important to setting clear boundaries and rules for time with – and legal authority over – a child. It can also be critical to empowering you with enforcement options, should the other parent fail to live up to the custody orders in any way.

If you need help seeking a formal child custody order in Colorado, you can turn to a Fort Collins custody & family lawyer at the Cossitt Law Firm, LLC for effective help and exceptional representation.

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What Child Custody Orders Cover: Parenting Time & Decision-Making Responsibilities

Before pursuing any custody-related request with a Colorado court, it’s first important to understand that the term “child custody” is no longer used by Colorado family courts.

Instead, custody is referred to as “parental responsibilities,” which includes both:

  • Parenting time – This is the physical time each parent gets with a child. A parenting plan will generally outline how this time is divided between each parent.
  • Decision-making responsibilities – This refers to each parent’s legal authority to make decisions regarding a child’s upbringing, welfare, etc.

Parenting time and decision-making responsibilities do not have to be split the same way. For example, while a court may award one parent with more parenting time (i.e., primary physical custody), it may also decree that both parents have equal decision-making responsibilities (i.e., a 50-50 split).

Whenever a Colorado court is establishing child custody, it will focus on making determinations that serve the best interests of the involved child(ren).

How to Do I File a Petition for a Child Custody Order in Colorado?

The steps you need to take to petition a Colorado family court for a child custody order will depend on various factors, like (but not necessarily limited to) whether:

  • You need an emergency custody order – Emergency custody orders can be necessary when domestic violence or abuse is a factor. In these situations, hearings can occur relatively quickly (like within 48 hours, for example) to review the request for an emergency custody order. If these orders are granted, they usually come with an expiration date, at which time another hearing will occur to evaluate whether the order should remain in place.
  • You are also filing for divorce – If so, you may need to file a petition for temporary child custody orders that will remain in place as your divorce proceeds. Commonly, temporary child custody orders will be replaced by permanent orders when the divorce is finalized.
  • You are seeking custody orders outside of a divorce case – If custody needs to be established between unmarried parents, seeking permanent child custody orders will be necessary. Though referred to as “permanent,” these orders can be modified in the future (when certain circumstances change).
  • You and the other parent agree on all custody-related issues – If there are no disputes regarding child custody, you and the other parent can file the custody petition jointly.

Different court forms1 will need to be completed and filed based on the type of order you are seeking. A family law attorney at the Cossitt Law Firm, LLC can provide you with more details about the specific forms (and other factors) that are necessary for establishing child custody orders in Colorado.

Can I File for Child Custody If I’m Not the Parent?

Under certain circumstances, yes, non-parents of a child can file petitions for child custody orders in Colorado. Specifically, someone other than a parent can seek custody orders when:

  • (S)he has been physically taking care of the child for at least six (6) months.
  • The child is not in the physical care of one of the parents.

Other requirements may apply.

Where Should I File a Petition to Establish a Child Custody Order?

Generally, it’s advised that you file a custody petition in the county in which the child lives.

What Happens after I File a Petition for a Child Custody Order?

Once your custody petition has been filed, what happens next will depend on your circumstances, needs and the nature of your petition. For instance, any combination of the following may occur after your custody petition has been filed:

  • Parenting time classes may be ordered by the court.
  • Mediation may be ordered to try to resolve any disputed issues related to custody.
  • Additional hearings may be scheduled.

A lawyer at the Cossitt Law Firm, LLC can explain what to expect in your custody case so you are prepared for each step in the process.

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1: Downloadable child custody forms from the Colorado Judicial Branch

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