Fort Collins Child Custody Evaluation and Preparation

For every parent going through a custody evaluation, such as a Child and Family Investigation (CFI) or Parental Responsibilities Evaluation (PRE) in Colorado, your decisions, actions and behaviors as a parent are placed under extreme scrutiny while the investigation proceeds.  A favorable recommendation from the evaluator could help settle your child custody evaluation case, while an unfavorable report could result in far lasting consequences for your relationship with your children.

Child Custody evaluations can cause anxiety and may feel uncomfortable and intrusive as most parents do not know what to expect nor the standard by which the child custody evaluator will base their recommendation on.

We assist parents through Colorado CFI and PRE custody evaluations by:

  • Explaining the standard by which the evaluator should base their recommendation.
  • Discussing ways to convey relevant facts to the child custody evaluator.
  • Discussing parenting plan options that could be requested.
  • Exploring how to address and present likely and potential claims and criticizes between each parent.

All evaluations conclude with a written report containing the recommendations of the evaluator with respect to parenting time, decision making, or whatever matter the evaluator was tasked with making recommendations on. We can review the report and provide our feedback addressing the strengths and weaknesses of the report, as well as assess the chances of obtaining a different recommendation should you seek a second opinion.

Due to Covid-19, your safety is our main concern. We offer remote consultations, call us at (970) 488-1887 to schedule a free consultation today.

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