Detailed Child Custody Modification and Petition Information in Fort Collins, Colorado

As life changes, child custody orders may no longer fit your needs or circumstances. When this occurs, seeking a child custody modification can be necessary to officially change court orders related to parenting time and/or decision-making responsibilities. That can be central to protecting what matters most – the wellbeing of your child(ren), as well as your time and relationship with your child(ren).

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When Can I Seek a Modification of Child Custody in Colorado?

Modifying child custody orders can be necessary if or when either parent:

  • Is moving to a new residence (like in another city, county or state).
  • Has changed jobs or careers and has a substantially different work schedule
  • Has been diagnosed with a serious health ailment
  • Has remarried or had more children
  • Presents a risk or threat to a child’s safety, health or wellbeing.

Here, it’s important to note that:

  • There may be other grounds for seeking a child custody modification.
  • Child custody modifications can pertain to parenting time and/or decision-making responsibilities (depending on the circumstances).
  • Child custody modifications can only be pursued when court orders regarding parenting time and decision-making responsibilities are in place. In other words, if you have not yet established a child custody order , that must be done before you can modify it.

How Do I File a Petition to Modify Child Custody in Fort Collins, Colorado?

The child custody modification forms1 that need to be completed and filed with the court will vary, according to whether:

A child custody attorney at the Cossitt Law Firm, LLC can provide you with more insight regarding the forms (and other requirements) necessary for your modification request, based on your situation, needs and goals.

Will Child Support Be Modified If Child Custody Orders Are Modified?

Whether child support will be modified when child custody orders are modified largely depends on whether the modification will substantially change the division of parenting time. For instance, if the modification will shift parenting time from a 50-50 split to a 75-25 split, child support may be modified to reflect this change.

Again, a Fort Collins family lawyer at the Cossitt Law Firm, LLC can provide more specific answers regarding whether your child custody modification could (or should) involve modifications to child support awards.

How Often Can Child Custody Orders Be Modified in Colorado?

In general, modification requests that will change who a child primarily lives with can only be pursued every two years unless the present arrangement presents a threat to a child’s physical or psychological wellbeing or development. It may be possible to pursue other types of custody modifications more frequently.

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1: Downloadable child custody modification forms from the Colorado Judicial Branch

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